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Teachers can enjoy several of our Powerful Features Including:

  • Full access to all lesson plans, worksheets, listening exercises, and activities.
  • Full access to over 2500 beautifully illustrated flashcards (and lots more in the making!)
  • Ability to print flashcards in a variety of formats.
  • Full access to our premium library coming February 1
  • More than 20 storyboard sets* (and lots more in the making!)
  • Upload your own content into the library (Public library only. For private libraries see Educator plans)
  • The ability to add students (see options below)
  • The ability to create worksheet and lesson folders and assign them to your students.
  • The ability to create flashcard folders and send them to your students.
  • Full access to our BRAND NEW storytelling feature,
    *Storybook- Teachers and students can create and share digital storybooks using text, audio, and flashcards from our library, and more!

Storybook sets are sets of flashcards that are created

to tell stories on specific themes and topics. These are a powerful resource for teaching sentence structure, vocabulary building, grammar, sequencing, creative writing, speaking and presentation and many more essential skills.
In addition to the above features, with Storybook you can nurture your students’ creativity as well as teach them valuable life skills, health and nutrition, customs and taboos, social responsibility, coping skills, leadership, cross-cultural awareness, whatever your students need!

Students accounts include:

  • Secure username and password login.
  • Full access to the lesson library resources including listening exercises, worksheets, lessons, and more!
  • Full access to flashcards and storyboards.
  • Full access to assigned lessons, vocabulary building, and storyboard folders.
  • Automatic notifications of assignments from their teacher.
  • Automatic notifications of flashcard folders from their teacher.
  • Bookmarking capability of unknown vocabulary and ability to create flashcard OR lesson folders
  • Full access to our BRAND NEW storytelling feature, *Storybook - Teachers and students can create and share digital storybooks using text, audio, flashcards from our library (and LOTS more!)
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