"I have no computer skills at all. Everything is so easy to use and understand even with basic or no understanding of computers."

Nanaka Horii – Staff

Understand student’s strengths and weaknesses and tailor courses and material based on user-data.

Pinpoint challenging questions, identify common weaknesses and MAXIMIZE student potential.

Our reports and analytics feature gives you an in depth look at your school. You can pull up reports on:

  • Profile details
  • Grades
  • Attendance
  • Compare teacher and student performance
  • Detailed reports on quizzes and online interaction
  • Class occupancy rates
  • And more!
report analytic
  • Gain real-time statistics and analytics to improve student success.

  • Monitor learner performance and enhance your school’s retention and success rate.

  • Identify gaps and dips in attendance & eliminate classes that don’t generate profit.

  • View and compare class attendance rates and prevent potential problems before they happen.

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