"Our mission is to provide you with the highest quality 21st century blended learning tools and resources on the market to teach, motivate and inspire your students. We will empower you to take your classes and school to a new level by making smart data-driven decisions. We promise to continuously upgrade and enhance the overall teaching, learning and management experiences with the most current up-to-date technology."

Jeff Genet – CEO and Founder of Pocket Passport

Pocket Passport is a learning platform designed specifically for the ESL/EFL market. It enables organizations, trainers and teachers to manage distribute, and track learning activities.

This includes the ability to:

  • create_organize
  • Create and
    organize courses
  • enrole_learning
  • Enroll
  • proficiancy
  • Assess learner proficiency
  • report_progress
  • Report on
  • incorporate
  • Incorporate a variety of incredibly fun and effective resources
    into your lessons.

Pocket Passport also includes the ability to:

  • manage_cources
  • Manage
  • colaborative
  • Facilitate blended and collaborative learning
  • incorporate
  • Share and sell (or resell) learning materials.

With a proper learning platform in place, you will see
powerful and long lasting results including:

  • ri_01
  • Students will
    make steady
    progress as
    becomes fun and engaging.
  • ri_02
  • Students will
    progress at a
    faster pace
    because they are
    more motivated
    to become active
  • ri_03
  • Freelancers or
    school owners
    will retain
  • ri_04
  • Primary and
    schools will see
    steady and more
  • ri_05
  • Students get
    more value
    overall from the
    teaching/learning experience.
  • ri_06
  • Lesson quality will
    be more

We provide teachers, students and administrators with tools and resources for 21st century learning.

Afraid of technology? We have taken special care and paid particular attention to the USER INTERFACE and USER EXPERIENCE.


Easy to use

We have made modification after modification to ensure that your experience is intuitive and fun.


Hybrid resources

  • Our resources are both downloadable and digital to offer students the perfect blend.
  • Fun and interactive solutions to motivate and inspire your students.
  • Gamification to motivate and create a healthy competitive classroom.

Eliminate guesswork

Data and analytics tools to help clearly identify strengths and weaknesses to personalize and adjust learning pathways based on meaningful data.


Actionable metrics to make a difference.

Save time, save money, make money, increase student
satisfaction and MORE!

  • Improve quality of service with Pocket Passport’s student files and reports.
  • Improve quality of teaching & materials with our CRM tools.
  • Increase renewal rate.
  • Improve attendance and overall retention.

All new updates and advancements are available to customers.


Learning content can be accessed from anywhere from multiple devices and operating systems.

And LOTS more!