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Developed by teachers, students and managers for teachers, students and managers. Designed for the ESL/EFL industry Pocket Passport will save you time and money, make processes and procedures more effective and efficient, increase student satisfaction, improve quality of lessons and maximize your profit.

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  • Flashcards

    Create flashcard folders, assign to students, link to lessons and more! Over 1500 fun and beautifully illustrated digital (and printable) flashcards with audio. Integrate this proven blended method into your lessons and curriculum and see immediate results.

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  • Storyboarding

    Increase long-term retention of vocabulary, improve presentation skills and give students a creative tool to practically apply new words and phrases. Our storyboarding feature enables students to contextualize newly learned vocabulary in a fun and memorable way.

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  • Resource Library

    Teach better lessons that accurately target student’s interests, needs and wants.Lesson plans, grammar and vocabulary worksheets and activities, listening exercises and other fun and effective resources to help you teach better lessons.

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  • Digital Quizzes

    Lighten your load and optimize student performance. Hands free marking and data entry gives teacher’s more time to work with students and allows students to fail and persevere with immediate feedback. Create your own quizzes or use and assign any of the quizzes from our public library.

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  • Gamification

    Energize your students by using fun, motivating and effective game design, game thinking and game mechanics to enhance the learning environment. Motivate students to become active learners. Use our progress line, badges and stamps in student’s passport to reward them. See real results, real fast.

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  • Scheduling

    Save time, energy and money! Easy-to- use, fully customizable scheduling system for teachers, schools and students. Students can reserve and cancel and teachers view their schedules. All linked to powerful data and analysis tools to keep you informed so you can make decisions based on trends and facts.

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Students will love our fun and colorful flashcard library to help them expand their vocabulary. More than 1500 flashcards and counting!

  • Everyday

  • Business

  • Travel

  • Culture

And more...

  • Reports & Analytics

    Improve your classes, increase student and teacher performance and make smart decisions. Check grades, attendance, progress, analyze student demographics and instantly know facts and figures about your students, classes and teachers to make all operations run more smoothly, effectively and efficiently.

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  • Feedback & Evaluation

    Motivate, inform and inspire your students with our fully customizable feedback and evaluation tools. Informed students are motivated students. Let them know exactly how they are performing and where their strengths and weaknesses are to ensure their success.

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  • Attendance & Grading

    Simplify your day and save dozens of hours over the course of the school year. Streamline and automate notoriously labor-intensive attendance and grading tasks. Enter data once and access reports showing detailed graphs and charts on individual and class performance.

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  • Objectives Tracking

    Keep your students interested, involved and motivated by telling them what they will be learning and what they need to do to succeed. Students can clearly see their learning path and how they perform with our pass, fail or incomplete objectives tracking system.

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  • Notes and Assignments

    Send your students reminders about upcoming due dates, notes and assignments. Students can take and store notes to keep everything organized and in one place.

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  • Student & Teacher Files

    Instantly view everything you need to know about each student. Student files include specific details about attendance, internal notes, feedback & evaluation, objective and course details and profile information.

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The most complete learning management system made specifically for the ESL industry.


Online scheduling and unlimited access to learning and teaching 24/7 by computer, tablet or mobile device.


Powerful management and analytical tools to keep track of your students, classes, teachers and school.


Unbeatable value & no long-term commitment.

“Today’s students are easily bored with slow-moving teaching techniques or those they view as antiquated. Both students and parents have higher expectations for teachers to use current technologies, content and teaching methods, and that includes blended learning.”

Wayne Feller, Technology and Innovation Coach

73%of educators who utilize a blended learning instruction model observed an increase in student engagement.

90%It’s predicted that ninety percent of all students from Kindergarten through university in North America will use some form of online instruction by 2020.

80%of students say that they are more motivated with some form of online learning.

Why us?


At first I hesitated to manage my school online, but it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made as a school owner. Mistakes and miscommunications have been reduced greatly since I made the change. All my students love the convenience.


School Owner

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