“I used to carry an attendance sheet then upload everything into my home computer. Making charts and graphs to compare attendance, student and class performance on tests and assignments used to be time consuming. Now I have 10 times the power of useful data with one step entry.”

– Craig Jones, University Teacher


For Universities, Junior and Senior High Schools and companies attendance and grading has never been easier!

Save hours and hours of time as a result of not having to do calculations by hand.

Prepare detailed class, or student reports withclick of a button.

Save paper, printing, storage and administration costs.

Whether it’s dozens of sheets of paper required to store personal data for each student, space for storing the paper, postage for sending or time in creating.

Simplify the process of communicating with students (and parents).

Provide students with easy to read, colorful & motivating charts & graphs showing them how they have performed.

Easy attendance tools to mark students as present, absent, late or excused.

  • Attendance made simple. 
  • Grade charts and graphs. 
    One-step entry